Sakkarai Pongal - Repost

I am reposting the recipe in order to qualify for the Mithai Mela event hosted by Srivalli on completing a 2 yr milestone in blogging. Congrats on your achievement Srivalli and you are an inspiration to novice bloggers like me. And incidentally, this recipe is a milestone for me too, this is my first step towards food blogging. Yeah, that makes my first blog post.
This is also the first time I am reposting something.

Rice - 2 cups
Moong dhal - 2 cups
Jaggery - 2 cups
Cardomom - 6
Melted Ghee - 1 cup
Milk - 1 cup

For garnishing
Cashews - 1/4 cup
Raisins - 1/4 cup

Fry the moong dhal on a dry tawa till the color changes slightly.
Add rice, mix both with double the amount of water (I added a little milk too) and cook in a pressure cooker.
Now boil jaggery with a cup of water and cook till it boils.Strain to remove any stones or particles.
Now add one cup of milk, jaggery syrup to the cooked rice and dhal mixture and stir continuously over slow fire
Add ghee and mix well.
Now season with cashews, raisins fried in ghee and sprinkle cardomom powder.

Correction: When I made this last time, I added about half a cup of jaggery extra. i do not know if the sweetness varies with each stock of jaggery. And a tip is, if you think there is no sufficient sweetness, mix sugar while the pongal is hot to compensate. Be sure that the sugar melts and mixes well.
Sending this to the event and hoping to send more entries in the future.


Anu said...

Nice to see the sakkarai pongal again :). Hey nice event... will participate!

Sree vidya said...

Thanx Anu!
All the best