Strawberry Ice Cream Shake

is something that blends with the color of my blog. I have always been fond of strawberry icecream and I used to crave for it when I was a kid. That must be attributed to the pink color of the food as pink used to be my most favouritest color then. Pink is also considered appropriate for girls in the western culture. But growing up, I do not have any particular favourite color and I love all colors equally. While choosing dresses, I look for the texture and combination of colours rather than falling for a single color.

Coming bac to the edible pink, the strawberry icecream I used to eat was only artificially flavored and I have not seen fresh berries in the Chennai markets until recent years. But once it started becoming abundant, I joyfully took to it. When I came to know the nutritional facts of the fruit, my fervour grew even higher. It is a low calorie food rich in vitamin C. It also contains lot other minerals, vitamin A and it is a great antioxidant. Regular intake prevents cancer and heart diseases. Always choose the red ripe ones and avoid the white, discolored fruits. It is a great snack and I am a person who believes eating fruits are better than taking them as juices/shakes. It is because we add sugar,milk, ice etc and we might also miss the fibre content if we filter them. But, I prefer to have juices once in a while. Afterall, taste matters. Try to avoid sugar in your juice and may be you can substitute with honey if you wish to. I don't like mixing honey with my juice though. However, I don't know if honey goes well with all fruit juices. Check on that!

Let's now get a dose of vitamin C.

Fresh strawberries - 10
Strawberry syrup (optional) - 2 tsp
Sugar (Optional) - 3 tsp
Strawberry or vanilla icecream - 4 scoops
Milk - half to 1 cup
Ice cubes optional

1. Grind the strawberries into a smooth paste.
2. Add the rest of the ingredients holding back a scoop of icecream and blend well in a mixer.
3. Add the single scoop of icecream to the serving glass and fill the prepared shake on top of it. The scoop will raise to the top. Serve fresh.

You can also add a banana to the shake and the combination will go wonderfully together.