Karamani Curry

Karamani or string beans is one of my favourite vegetables. Actually I love all veggies, but this is something which may not be the fav of many. Infact, I think many are not even aware of its very existence. People might know the other karamani (black eyes peas) but not as a fresh green vegetable. I love this simple curry a lot and I really didn't expect to catch them fresh; why even say fresh, I didn't anticipate to see them in the first place here in US. But much to my surprise, I see them a lot here. It so happens that even in Chennai, I haven't seen them so fresh and tender. Most times it used to be dry. Nothing more to fascinate me. Though I'm pouring in so much enthusiasm, the recipe here is quite simple and basic. Anyone who knows to cook a South Indian meal, would know this. But still, there are days when you really dont feel like eating any complicated or time consuming dish; more so when you got to cook your own meal. :D You will long for that simple rasam and a plain veg curry. There are also days, when you feel like updating your blog but do not want to post an elaborate recipe and keep it simple, short and sweet. Today is such a day for me.
Actually in the iyer cuisine, we divide the curries (poriyal) as two kinds - coconut based like beans, cabbage etc or roast curries like potato, arbi etc. This is of the first type. I haven't used green chillies in my curry. Just seasoned a red chilli. Normally, a green chilli is shredded and added in the curry. You can also coarse grind chilli and coconut and add it. If you want to keep it simple, just follow my recipe.


Chopped String beans - 1 cup
Grated coconut - 1 table spoon or even half will do if you wanna cut down calories.
To season: Mustard, red chillies, urad dhall, curry leaves and coconut oil
Salt to taste.

1) Heat oil, season and when the mustard pops, add the chopped beans.
2) Sprinkle water, cook till done, add salt and coconut. Stir for a min and serve hot with rice.
If you want it quicker, microwave the veggies for 3 min with a little water, mix coconut and microwave for 30 sec and season. The cooking time depends on the power of your microwave. So for the first time, check the time and cook accordingly.
You can make cabbage, beans, beetroot, carrot etc. on the similar lines.


Kitchen Flavours said...

Simple and yum fry.....

lata raja said...

Highly nutritious karamani. Good recipe, Sree Vidya.

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Healthy&colorful dish dear.!..nvr made this...tnx ...Again tnx for ur visit&sweet words...pls visit again...whenever u prepare a nw dish,i will be here...!

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Looks yum...it will go well with kara kulambhu