Curry Powder for Variety rice

Here is the recipe to make curry powder which I use to flavour variety rice like tomato rice, brinjal rice or potato rice. Why I am mentioning these 3 varieties is, these were the standard ones packed by my mom for lunch boxes. Potato rice is not common and it was invented by my mother in order to make a quick one pot meal for boxes. You can be creative and make use of the powder to flavour any rice, like you can even try okra rice. Well, I wouldn't say it is too much creativity because you are gonna just mix this powder with any veg to come out with a delicious variety rice. But cooking is all about what to mix with what and your creativity should not end up as a disaster. So better be careful. I will just give the recipe for the spice powder and will post a variety rice using the powder as a separate entry.


Urad dhall - 3 tsp
Channa dhall - 3 tsp
Dhania seeds - 2 tsp
Dry red chilllies - 2 to 3

Dry roast the ingredients one by one and powder them together.

Tip: You can also include a piece of cinnamon, 2 cloves and a cardomom if you like it spicy.


lata raja said...

I keep something like this too. I don't add urad dhal. Sounds a flavoursome addition.

Naarya said...

good. good. nalla irukka da un recipes/ideas ellam. when i get a kitchen of my own and someone with a brave heart(and stomach) i will definetly try all tht u hv written. otherwise hari will take all credit for having taught me to cook.