My Blog Turns One!

Hurray! Today is my blog's first anniversary. Yes, I posted my first recipe, same day, last year. Time does run fast. Maybe, because when we were in school/college, we would move to the next academic year and there was a demarcation between years. Now that, we don't have any such thing, days seem to move at lightning speed. Is it just me or you also think so?
This post is to revisit, what I did on the blogging front, last year. Well, I know you might not be interested, but I very much wanted to do it for myself. So, here it comes.
Bye Bye to all those who leave the post, here ;)

How did I step into cooking and blogging
When I moved to US after wedding, I had no clue that I had so much passion for cooking. May be my passion for good food and the fact that we don't have fine Indian dining here, got me cooking.
Whatever be the reason, I absolutely love doing it. After about 6 months of cooking, I started my blog, inspired by fellow food bloggers. I thought it is a great idea to record my recipes which I can refer at any time in the future. Every time, I see someone landing on my blog in search of a recipe, it feels even better. Little did I think, I will make so many friends through my blog. Every comment on my blog makes me glad. I started typing names of my blogger friends and later thought it is not a good idea to do so, only due to the fear that I might miss some one in the process. So, thanks to all those who cared to go through my recipes along with my ramblings and also, leave a feedback.
Of late, I have started trying my hand at baking. So, might post some entries on that, too.

My Blogging Goals
When I started this blog, I had no goals in terms of number of recipes, I wanted to post. I didn't want to pressure myself doing that and posted only when I felt like doing it. I just wanted to be regular here and keep it going. I am happy that I was able to do it.

Events & Challenge
I love to participate in the events that are organised by my fellow bloggers. It was so much fun and I am really amazed by the amount of work that gets into organizing them. Hats off to all the hosts.

I am also happy that I am part of the Indian Cooking Challenge initiated by Srivalli. It has made me try few dishes which I would not have done, otherwise. Thanks to her.

You can check the current events and roundups of past events, here.

Lubna of Kitchen Flavours had featured my blog on her Rendezvous series, through which I got introduced to fellow bloggers. Thanks, Lubna.

Awards & Encouragement:(updated)
Passing on cute awards is lot of fun in blogging. It also carries lot of meaning in terms of encouragement and bonding.
Sangi gave the first one, the kreative blogger award. Thereafter I got many cute awards from Shama, Lataji, Sanghi, Brinda, Rohini, Kitchen Queen, Sandhya & Sangi herself.
Thanks for the lovely awards and encouragement. They sure mean a lot to me.

A peek into my recipes
Take a look into my recipes, here. I have not managed to cover all my recipes, but few of them.
You can always check them from the drop-down in the right pane.
I also started posting some Kwik Fix recipes to try when you do not have the time and energy to cook anything elaborate.

Feels good to see that I could make so many dishes, given the fact that I am a novice cook. All in all, I had a great blogging experience, so far.

Thanks for reading through.

Update: Sorry, I forgot to mention about the cute awards, my blogger friends passed on to me, in my previous post. I was meaning to do that but it some how slipped off. I have updated.


Ambika said...

Hey Vidya, Congratulations!!! Wish you many many more to come :)

Devi Meyyappan said...

Hi Vidya, Congratulations :)!!.. nice pictures!!

Prathibha said...

Congrats dear..wish you many more blog anniversaries!!

Rohini said...

Wow... Congratulations a bunch dear!! Yes, true that even I have started losing track of time and only when b'days and anniversaries pass by, do I remember that I am getting old ;)
Anyways, wish you many many such wonderful occasions!! And it was indeed a great sum-up! :)

Faiza Ali said...

Congratulation dear...keep rocking and keep blogging :)

Priya said...

Congrats dear vidya, Keep rocking and wishing u more and more beautiful things in blogsphere..

priya said...

Congrats dear..great achievement...Wish u n ur family a very happy pongal!

kitchen queen said...

Wish ur blog a happy 1st anniversary.May u post more dishes and keep rocking in the future.

PriyaVaasu said...

Hi Vidya,
Congrats on ur first blog anniv!!! Wishing u many more annivs to come.

Ramya Manja said...

Hey Vidya,Hearty Congratulations...Keep up the good works...Wish u many more success on this blogsphere...

Njoy Blogging n Happy Cooking...

Pavithra said...

Congrats dear!!!! Wish you more milestone in future years too.

Saju Sharfu said...

congratulations dear..hope to c many more fantastic recipies from u..

Anonymous said...

u rocked the blog annniv post vidya..its beautiful-the way u captured the year that went by, thanking all ur fellow loggers and that round up of ur own recipes..congratulations and keep it going.

Mriganayani said...

Congratulations have a wonderful look back here. Hoping you have many many years ahead of great blogging!

Ms.Chitchat said...

Congratulations Vidya on ur 1st blog ann. Your round-up of the recipes was too good. You do have a wonderful collection of healthy and easy recipes. Wish u many more posts to come :):)


Naarya said...

cngrts sree!!! its really uplifting to see someone take an interest to this heights. i really wish you all the very best and hope your food blog becomes one of the top spots for food lovers to land at :)