Kwik Fix Series # 7 - Lemon Rice

Next recipe that gets to feature in my kwik fix series is Lemon Rice. It is so basic for a South Indian that I can hear some of you exclaiming "huh! recipe for lemon rice!". It is such an easy breezy recipe and I would like to post it in my space for the benefit of those who have not heard of it , so far. If you perform a survey on South Indian lunch boxes on any given day, I am positive that every alternate box would carry lemon rice. Okay! If not 50% at least 25%; trust me. As a child, I was always thrilled to carry this with potato fry.

If you have leftover rice, you can make this in a jiffy. Season the rice and squeeze in some lemon juice, you are ready to go!

Though I call it a simple recipe, I feel it needs utmost perfection. I don't like my rice oily or with a dark yellow color. I have added minimal oil, just right amount of turmeric for the perfect bright yellow color and as an end result got a juicy lemon rice. Perfect for lunch boxes!

Cooked rice - 1 cup (Bring down the rice to room temperature, spread the rice without sticking to each other)
Green chillies - 2 medium chopped
Curry leaves - 5
Mustard - 2 tsp
Channa dhal - 1 tsp
Urad dhal - 1 tsp
Oil - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder - half to one tsp
Lemon - 1
Salt to taste
Hing a pinch


1) Take a small seasoning pan, heat the oil. Add hing, channa dhal, urad dhall and mustard. When the mustard pops, switch off the gas.
2) Remove the pan, add chillies, turmeric and curry leaves in that order. The heat in the pan is enough to cook the chillies.
3) Add salt to the rice and pour the seasoning. Mix well.
4) Squeeze in the lemon juice, without the seeds. Have a check on the amount of juice. If you are using a real juicy one, squeeze in half a lemon, taste once and then add more juice to taste.
5) Close the rice for half an hour for the juices to blend.
Serve with potato wafers or my fiery hot potato fry. Any spicy curry will go well with this rice.

Tip: You can add peanuts or cashews with the seasoning.

I have seen people making this in a different way. After seasoning, add the rice to the pan with the heat still on, mix well, switch off and then squeeze in the juice.


Parita said...

One of my comfort dish..yummmmm!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Really simple and yum....

Chitra said...

Iam not making lemon rice nowadays..U r tempting me ... Nice post :)

Priya said...

Real comfort food, just love with potato fry...yumm!!

Naarya said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa me toooooo!!! lemon rice and potato fry :D wat a combo isnt it?!!! actually...yest we had lemon rice at our home too. i made potato fry exclusively for me during lunch time ;)

Anonymous said...

TH loves this and is so true that its one of the easy peezy dish for lunchbox

Ammu Madhu said...

always a delight..


Sree vidya said...

Thanks Parita, Lubna, Priya & Madhu.
Definitely a comfort food

Sree vidya said...

Thanks Chitra!
Start doing it again

Sree vidya said...

yeah Bittu
Great combo
Oh! ithu bongu attam (;) but i too do that many a times In that case you should lick the vessels clean leaving no traces)

Sree vidya said...

Thanks Shubha
It definitely is an easy recipe but tasty too