Bye Bye Boston Party :)

I wanted to post something related to food and actually didn't want it to be a recipe as always. I thought I could share a picture of my dinner table taken during a family get-together. Two families came over for dinner with their naughty and energetic kids. Should I even mention that my house was in a totally excited state with 4 high energy boys? The get-together turned into a farewell party since we are leaving Boston this weekend. One other family (Bala and Suba) is also leaving Boston soon. It was total fun and the kids had a gala time.

Now coming to the major part; food, I had lined up Pav bhaji, Mushroom pulav, Onion Raitha, Rice, Sambar and Beetroot Halwa for the dinner. For beetroot halwa, I used the same recipe as carrot halwa except that I reduced the amount of sugar to half. I will post the recipe of sambar soon. Roshan served the welcome drink (Mango juice) and dessert(icecream). He was also running behind the kids with a cam, to click them in action.

Though it was not planned as a pot luck, my guests were kind enough to bring some starters. Suba also bought some rasam which all of us enjoyed. Thanks Suba, Bala ,Reshma & Rajiv for making it happen. Special mention to all the lovely kids who made it memorable. One helluva party!

Bye Bye Boston :)


Chitra said...

Oh u had a great feast..looks yumm:)

Pooja said...

Oh everything look so tempting and delicious!

ARUNA said...

tht's a tempting feast!!!!!

djo said...

Where are you guys moving to!!