Badam Halwa

hmmm... slurp! I just can't take my eyes off the picture and the flavor still lingers in my taste buds. Badam Halwa is a rich and delicious dessert with the base as pureed almonds combined with the sweetness of sugar, goodness of ghee and the delicate flavour of saffron. I would say saffron is a must-add ingredient as it brings out an all-new taste for the sweet and both of them are made for each other. My memories of badam halwa go a long way back and this is one regular sweet which is favourite to everyone at home. The recipe is quite simple and you can never go wrong. It is not as tricky as a mysorepak and you can have it in any consistency - hard or soft and name it conveniently as burfi or halwa. Easy, quick, universally acclaimed and at the end of the day, you can convince people that you are a great chef. What more do u need?


Almonds (soaked over night & peeled) 1 cup
Sugar 1 to 1 1/2 cups (Adjust to suit your taste)
Ghee - 1/4 cup(You may add more if you want it richer)
Milk - 1 cup
Yellow color - a pinch(optional)
Saffron to decorate


1. Grind the almonds with milk into a smooth paste. Mix the yellow color.
2. Cook the paste with the remaining milk in a tawa and add the sugar.
3. Keep stirring until the sugar blends and add the ghee little by little.
4. When the paste becomes thick and leaves the side of the vessel without sticking to the bottom, halwa is ready.
5. Decorate with saffron

Tip: Soak the almonds in hot water to easily remove the skin. You can even microwave quickly for the same effect.

Sending this to Mithai Mela event hosted by Srivalli.


Pooja said...

The halwa looks very delicious. As you said saffron gives a great flavour. Love the colour too :)

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Almond halwa looks colorful and tempting... love the yellow hues of the badam halwa... yummy and mouthwatering!!!

Sree vidya said...

Thanx a lot Ramya and Pooja!
I jus love the sweet.

Prathibha said...

first time here/.....
Lovely Halwa....

Sree vidya said...

Thanx a lot Prathibha.
Keep visiting!

ARUNA said...

halwa looks yummy n gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Almond Halva looking awesome and mouth watering.